Play bridge on your computer (Windows, not Macs).

There are many versions of this program available on the web but this one with this method of installation works on Windows 10 and probably also earlier versions of Windows. It's quite old but still works on Windows. It was written in 2002 and this version was last updated in 2013. It's freeware.

This is EasyBridge 4.0.3

Sorry that it was not initially available - it got lost when this site became the new home of the Calendar and Trivia (in January 2020).

Download here.

If downloading with Chrome, you might get a warning that this file is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous - it's not.  If this happens, click the up-arrow and click keep.

Instructions for Setup

  1. This method does not actually install the program so it doesn’t care about 32 or 64 bits and avoids modifying your windows setup.
  2. Move the file to a folder (directory) that is suitable – e.g. Downloads or Documents – it’s not critical, it’s just a question of being tidy.
  3. Unzip the file – double click the file then at the top middle of your screen, click extract all then click extract.
  4. You will now have a folder called EasyBridge4-0-3 – double-click to open it
  5. Right click EasyBridge.exe (the larger file with the label application and the icon) to open a drop down menu. – Click create shortcutYou will now have a new file called EasyBridge.exe – Shortcut
  6. Drag the file EasyBridge.exe – Shortcut to your desktop.
  7. Click that icon to open the program.   The first time you do that, you might get a warning that windows is protecting you – click more then run anyway.  When I tested, the warning only occurred the first time.  The warning just means that Microsoft does not endorse it.
  8. This is the latest version and runs on my 64 bit Windows 10 machine OK.  Note that it’s an old program so the Help files won’t work.

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